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Wizard's Lair Bookstore

Welcome Bookshopper!

Choose a section from the list at right to peruse a list of book titles you can purchase on-line. We add new titles all the time, so check in often.

We are operating this Bookstore in association with Amazon.com.

By using this service, you are not only enriching your life with the purchase of a fine book, but you are helping us maintain the Wizard's Lair. Thanks!

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. Esoteric Books: Philosophy

. Esoteric Books: 90 Minute Philosophers

. Esoteric Books: Aliens, UFO's, etc.

. Esoteric Books: Magick, etc.

. Esoteric Books: Witchcraft, etc.

. Esoteric Books: Miscellaneous

this bookstore is provided in association with Amazon Logo Amazon.com.
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